About Believing in Others

Recently, and maybe this is due to years of living, I find that it is critical to believe in others and to let them know it loudly, clearly, and frequently. Although I realize that I am nervous about some of my decisions and wonder about what others might think or how they might react to my choices, I never really stopped to consider that I might depend on this feedback from others whom I respect to keep me motivated and plunging forward. I do not refer to sideline cheers and backslaps of encouragement, but rather that all-out faith that others exude and share as I move forward with life. I also do not mean accolades and public endorsement as I do not need these to keep myself focused and determined. Instead I am talking about people who note the little things – a poster I designed and the details contained on it, the plan I have laid out that includes minute guidance and direction, an idea that I have fielded with a request for input and participation. It is the trust and conviction that others place in me that allows me to forge onward with trust and conviction within myself.

With this acknowledgement of self-need, I am now working diligently to bring out confidence in others. I am amazed at how many successful men and women are also quivering and hesitant inside. For the purpose of brevity I will concentrate on my women friends as it is they who most often enlist my support or request my opinion. When you have raised a family, girls, you have participated in a unique challenge of love, loyalty, and discipline. All of these characters transfer to achievement in other areas. When you have maintained a career that you love and that inspires you, you have participated in a unique challenge of love, loyalty, and self-discipline. When you have raised children and worked outside of the home as well, you definitely possess powerful and valuable skills.

When you exercise you improve bodily functions. When you teach and share knowledge you expand your own potential. When you break down barriers and reconstruct paradigms, you increase your abilities. These are just a few ways that women change the world, themselves, and the lives they touch each day.