Pick Right Partner

However, it will be very suicidal if you master that courage to propose and your proposal is turned down. Can you imagine how you will really feel when you do not succeed? You only have to keep on trying until you succeed.

The question is, how will you know whether the one you have chosen is your right partner; whether they really love you? Real love is a natural feeling which develops as time goes on, but the one who loves you will always express his or her concern for you. They will be ready to die for you, to share your difficult or joyful moment with you.

In this case, choosing the right partner will depend on the criteria you set in judging anybody that comes into your life. When you are very ambitious and set a high standard for yourself, you have to work at it. You know what you really want, so you don’t have to give up when your first attempt is turned down. You have to keep on trying until you finally grab your taste. You don’t have to settle down with anybody that comes your way, even when you are desperately in need, try to control your feelings and allow time to work it out for you.

However, you can also look at the bits and pieces of your previous relationship and use them as a way of setting standard for your new catch. Some people turn to ignore some nice guys or pretty ladies around their area and go out there looking for Mr or Mrs right outside their community. The guy who is very familiar with you, nice, sincere and smiles at you may be the right person to fall in love with, But how will you know; unless you make the move and propose to the person. Even when no one is coming forward, you have to go out there and propose to anyone that meets your prescription but you will actually face rejections. Rejections are not the end of the world,so when you are turned down, just go ahead, and you might succeed the next time around.

You can also use following strategies when selecting your right partner, but it will depend upon your effort in making your choice.

You really have to examine yourself first and know exactly what you really want. But most at times, your wants may be different from your choice.

Set a standard or criteria for the type of person you want to choose as a partner and work at it vigorously.

Do not forget to realize that it is not easy or it may not come to you automatically. So you have to go and look for it until you finally grab it.

Rejections are inevitable and you must be prepared for it. This should not discourage you but you must endeavour to pursue further and have the positive feeling that, you will succeed.

Show love and kindness to anyone you get into contact with, and this will open new doors for you to receive the same kind of love in return. So the possibility of facing rejection may not be frequent. However, it hurts when you do not receive the same love back, but all the same, you have to take the risk and think positively for a big catch. After you have got your right partner, you have to work very hard to sustain the relationship and allow it to work very well.

You must look at the threat in the relationship and not the blanket figure of the person you are walking with. The outward appearance of the person may lure you into the relationship, but that is not all; look out for the inner world or the character of your partner and be sure that you have finally chosen your heartÂ’s desire.